Welcome to my little corner of the Web.

My name is Renée, and I shall be your host as you venture through my blogs.


I was asked the other week to write a guest blog for a wonderful site called Sail Mentor. It's a great site, and Chris has some awesome articles that will help your sailing.  Well worth your visit.

My article, which turned out really well I think, can be found using this easy to use link. ;)

Now, back to my normal intro....

Here you will find my thoughts and experiences of sailing, a couple chapters from the novel I'm soon to publish ('Katera and the Assassin'), and just other random stuff I thought interesting enough to write and post.

My aim is to entertain and to inform, but mostly this is an outlet for my writing.

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A little about me ...

I am American by birth, from the wonderful State of Iowa.

I spent 9 years as a Civil Engineering Specialist in the U.S. Air Force, during which time I got to travel to some very interesting places on this little rock we call Earth. One of the places I lived, and loved, while in the military was England. So, a few years after getting out, I moved back to the UK where I now live.

Although, I have to admit, the wander lust in me is far from being satisfied. So this year, 2015, I've embarked on a project to learn to sail, with the ultimate goal of owning my own boat and sailing to distant lands. Or at least blue, and warmer waters.

One of the ways I hope to fund my sailing dream is through my writing and publishing novels like Katera and the Assassin.